For 5 days, each work week, from Monday through Friday, I will be experimenting with a habit or a skill I have been wanting to try out for a while. I will experiment with it for 5 days. If it works out, I would find a way to incorporate it into my life, but even if it doesn’t make the cut, I simply enjoy the process of treating life as an experiment.

This is such a great, sweet ‘n short way to see if something is a good fit for your lifestyle or not, to find out what your likes and dislikes are, to see things from a new perspective, to learn new skills and discovering something about yourself you never knew before!

This is so fitting for my journey to minimalism, because as humans, we want a lot, but we won’t know what we truly want, or if we will even like it enough, unless we give it a try.

Five days is the perfect timeframe to try something out and then having the weekends off to do a bit of a reset. In so doing, we eliminate what we don’t need anymore in order to make room for what we want, and we can move on to lead a truly minimalist and enriching life!

In this new series I will be documenting my feelings, thoughts and aha moments as I embark on this experimental journey.