I’ve decided to do 5 days of no social media as my first experiment, and let me tell you this – it was hard! On day one I found myself subconsciously reaching for my phone whenever I felt bored or needed a distraction from the task at hand, and each time I would stop myself, muttering tsk tsk under my breath.

It’s so scary how we’ve all become so used to these devices and living in this online world, that I was quite excited to see how the next few days would pan out.

I had so much time on my hands! So much so, that I ended up using the extra time to upskill, do some wardrobe decluttering, and make another video for my Youtube channel.

I also felt way happier, not a care in the world about what everyone else was doing, and not wasting my time accidentally comparing myself to anyone or getting annoyed with negative posts. I found myself sitting outside every morning sipping mindfully on my coffee and just being. I also found myself reading and watching lots of inspirational posts and TED talks, instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

As each day went by, it got easier and easier for me to forget about the online world and I found that I spent most of my time focussing on my own journey, and that was quite special. It’s something I do not ever want to lose sight of.

Upon checking my social media feeds again after the 5 days were over, it initially felt nice to be able to catch up and see what everyone else has been up to… but then old habits started to set in and there I was, finding myself scrolling mindlessly through feeds upon feeds and getting sucked into that dreaded procrastination mode.

I have decided to logout of all my social media accounts from now on, and to only login time and time again to simply catch up, respond to messages and comments, do a post or two and then go dark again. I refuse to let it consume my life. I’d rather schedule 15 minutes or so per day to do some social media admin, rather than keep it open all the time.

With that said, a few months ago I turned off all my notifications… that in itself was a game changer, because I was no longer prompted to check what’s going on as they popped up on my phone. I’m definitely going to keep doing that.